New to everything


  • B.A. in German at Fudan University
  • Master of Journalism at the University of Hong Kong
  • Studying Working on Content Design at IBM Studios Shanghai

Areas of interest:

  • Languages and translation
  • Media and communication
  • Architecture and urban space
  • Whatever I’m learning ;)

Things I love:

  • Books. Why does a day only have 24 hours?
  • Coffee. With Meiji milk, but no sugar.
  • Stationeries. Can’t help planning about plans.
  • Music. Hope to meet you at Tokyo Dome.

Things I dislike:

  • Self-introduction. Hello world!
  • Fruits. They are too good for me.
  • Short videos. The addictive ones.
  • Disinformation. Because truth will prevail.

Neither of us knows where our lives are going to go. It smells like chewing tobacco, soda and smoke. And the conversation is the best one I ever had.
- The End of the Tour (2015)