JMSC Portfolio

Last updated on:July 1, 2022

Data Journalism

South Korean Cinema: Challenges Beyond Rapid Growth

An analysis of the Top 500 high-grossing films in South Korea by February 2020, using Excel, R, Tableau, HTML and CSS.

Digital Journalism Principles and Tools

TVB Dramas: At the Threshold of Another Era

A multimedia project on the past, present and future of TVB dramas, originally built with Divi on WordPress.

Podcasting and Audio News

China Echo Season 02

China Echo is a podcast project from HKU Journalism. In each episode, we bring you a selection of news items from Chinese language media that have received little or no exposure in English.


Annie Lab

Annie Lab simulates a newsroom environment at the University of Hong Kong. All stories are written by journalism students and edited professionally.


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